Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tangled Tower

This cake was made for two special little sisters celebrating their Birthday together!  They both love the movie Tangled (well, who doesn't??) and wanted a cake with the Tangled Tower theme to celebrate the occasion.   The cake is a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.  Tower is krispy treats covered in fondant with fondant flowers and royal icing vines.  Everything is edible on the cake except for a tower post in the center and the characters :).


  1. Wow this really looks great! Sooo much detail!

  2. Thanks! I checked out your blog - it looks great. Love the checker board cake :)

  3. This cake is amazing! Beautiful job! I am curious how you supported the tower top? Mine always lean after a short time.

    1. Thank-you! I drilled a hole in the cake base and inserted a wooden post. I made the tower over a hollow plastic tube with a cake board set up it about the depth of the cake. When finished I inserted the tube over the wooden dowel so that the cake board with the tower rested on the cake and the plastic tube slid over the wooden dowel for stability. Hope that makes sense!