Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spa Birthday Party

This was a fun cake to make for a 9 year old's Spa themed birthday party!  The little girl wanted to use a cookie cake, so they brought me over the cake and I decorated it for them.


  1. did you make the decor out of rolled fondant or gum past?

  2. Hi there, I used a blend of 1/3rd gum paste to 2/3rds fondant. Depending on climate where you live you may need to adjust this. If you live somewhere humid the more gumpaste the better as the humidity affects drying time. You can also add desiccant packets to a container with your figures to absorb excess moisture from the air and aid with drying - Nicole

  3. Hello do you make for purchase.

    1. Hi there, I am sorry but I wasn't notified of this comment. I assume your party has already happened? I do typically make for purchase. If you would like to discuss further you could email me as per the information on the site. Thanks!